Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Gravesite Competition

So parents compete over a lot of things, but I never thought that gravesites would be one of them. It's true, though, that this is one area that is not neglected in the who can do something better better for their children category.

There is a grave about two rows behind us that is just a couple of months behind Toby's. This person's grave and Toby's are the newest additions to the cemetery. I don't know the guy's name, but he died in November and was about my age. I have been watching his grave because aside from being the other newbie, his is also the only one without a headstone.

Other similarities include the fact that his always has flowers on it and our two graves are the most decorated in the cemetery. He and Toby each have about 5 flower arrangements on them and you can see both of them from the road since they are so colorful. Although, to be truthful, his might be a little more tasteful since we put everything and the kitchen sink on Toby's grave and there is no color coordinating or master plan going on.

Anyway, the other day I noticed right away that a change had been made. Not only do this other guy now have a headstone (making Toby the only one in the cemetery without one) but his parents have also laid down some grass seed and covered it with hay. Why didn't we think of that? Darn! Now we have to go out, buy grass seed and hay, and maybe plant some flowers before Memorial Day. Can't have Toby falling behind...

Of course, this is all just silliness. Of course there's no real competition in gravesites, although if you look at someof the intricate pictures on the headstones themselves you might wonder. And there's nothing that we can do to make the headstone get there any faster. Pete and I had to wait until last month to order it because we couldn't afford it before then. It should be there soon, though.

When we visited the other day Sam took a bunch of his cars and trains because he wanted to leave them on Baby Brother's grave. I took some sea shells that we had picked up at Myrtle Beach. Oddly enough, even though some of the flowers have been on his grave since before Christmas, they look at fresh and new as they did when we bought them. The little stuffed dog that we put on there for Valentine's Day is also still fluffy and soft, despite the snow storms and rain storms that we have had. Nothing has been moved.

So now Toby's grave is covered with flowers, trains, cars, seashells, and random things that Sam has stolen off of other graves and stuck on Toby's. When we see which graves he took them from we put them back, but mostly he walks off and comes back with things and we have no idea where he got them from. I guess if the people come back and see them on Toby's they can take them back where they belong.

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