Pictures of Toby

this was at our weekend writer's retreat

the other authors loved having him there

good friend and author Anne Shelby

good friend and author/journalist Jason Howard

friend and book publisher/songwriter/amazing person Kate Larken

our friend "A" (I often write about him here)

Sam wanted to share his blanket for a few minutes

Toby's first picnic

a picture we set up

we buried him with his monkey

pregnant on Mother's Day

worn out, the day before I had Toby

holding my hand in the hospital 

Pete (my husband) not long after the birth 

cuddling on the couch 

he and Mom were big buddies
me and Pete at Toby's casket

Sam, taking flowers to his brother's grave

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Gigi said...

My heart goes out to you I know your pain ! It is truly one not wished on anybody