Monday, October 3, 2011

Thanks Guys

Sometimes, when I feel like this blog has done more damage than good, I’ll get an e-mail or a comment or something that will remind me that I’m not alone out there and that other people agree with me. It’s not that I always feel like I need validation, but a simple “you got it” helps me. It makes me feel less crazy.

Then, I think about the people who this blog has made angry and it’s really just a minority (that I know of). Half a dozen at most and they’re all connected with each other. Some had chips on their shoulders long before I started writing this and I think they’ve used this blog as fuel for their anger, rather than the reason for their anger.

As Pete said when his “friend” came to visit us, if you’re expecting to see something bad then you’re probably going to find it.

Not using names or anything defining, here are some of the things that people have written to me regarding various blog posts.

I love what you wrote, I agree on all counts.

“I cannot agree more, you are right on target with everything.

“you just wrote everything I feel but basically did not know how to say them. I think you are incredible for being able to say or vent this.

you said everything I feel.

 I wish you all the best and offer my friendship. Hugs :)

On days when I am feeling like the worst person in the world and thinking that I should just keep a diary or something I wll get something like one of those and feel like maybe I’m not crazy or awful. I really don’t think I’m helping anyone out there, but I sure do feel like people are helping me.

Thank you. 


Katie Grant said...

I read your blog (and other posts as well) and have found so much I relate to in this horrific tragedy life has dealt our families. I find strength to see how you deal with living without your Toby here. I am not very good at commenting on your blog (but will try to be better!). Thank you for writing!

Rebecca said...

Thank you, Katie. You've been a lot of help this year. I always look forward to "seeing" you online.