Wednesday, January 18, 2012


The general population seems to be full of unsolicited advice and "help." At what point did we just automatically assume that we knew more than everyone else?

I have a friend, "B", whose children are often put through a battery of tests and she travels all over the US to get treatments and testing for them. I follow her Care Pages and updates. A couple of times she has written me and asked me a specific question and I've tried to answer it. I have never, ever assumed that she didn't know what she was doing or wasn't capable of research or asking questions. She is actually pretty detailed in her reports so I can pretty much figure out what she's doing in regards to her kids but even if she wasn't, I would assume that there's more going on than what she's writing about. Just because she doesn't write about asking questions and such doesn't mean that I assume she's not.

I don't volunteer much about Iris anymore except to a select few. I got tired of the opinions. I get tired of people who think that because they have a little bit of information it means that they know a lot about her.

There are a few people that I use for resources because they work in pediatrics or have been through something similar. I am grateful to those people. (Hailey, I'm looking at you.)

And while I'm griping, don't use my wall or my statuses to show off how much you know about me and my situation. One of the reasons WHY I am not posting much is because I don't think it's most people's business. So don't use one of my statuses to start talking about specific test results or whatever I might have told you in private. If I'm not writing about it publicly then you shouldn't be, either.

When I need help I will ask for it. I HAVE asked for it. Playing armchair Facebook therapist is NOT helpful. 


Maxie's Mommy said...

I hate Facebook. That's all.

Rebecca said...

If it wasn't my only connection with the outside world...(I don't get cell phone service where I live.) Actually, if it weren't for Facebook I would never hear from anyone. I went off for a month and saw or heard from nary a soul.