Thursday, February 9, 2012

Keywords answered...

People find my SIDS blog by typing in all kinds of search terms and phrases. I thought I'd answer a few of the things that have popped up recently as people have discovered me through Google searches...

" is suffocation ruled sids"  No, no it is not. Suffocation (accidental or otherwise) is its own term. SIDS is used as a COD when everything else has been ruled out, including suffocation. 

" what not to say to a bereaved parent"- Well, I'm glad someone cares enough to look it up! This surfer rocks. 

" sedation and sids"- I'm not sure what they were looking for. I guess maybe their infant was going to be sedated and they worried about the chance of SIDS. Sedation is always a concern for an infant, but I would say that being in a hospital with constant vital checks would make me feel better. It did when Iris was sedated. 

"toby passing away"- This one is interesting. Could be someone I know, except it came from CT and I don't know anyone there. 

" can a snuza monitor actually prevent sids"- Okay, valid question. Unfortunately, the answer is no. Once a baby has passed away from SIDS he is gone. There have been cases where the baby has been revived but has died shortly thereafter. Most doctors believe that the stopping of breathing is actually the last thing to happen and that the baby is already gone before then. A Snuza can let you know if the breathing has stopped, however. 

sids reducer alarm- Again, a valid search term, but so far there is no alarm that reduces SIDS-only alarms that can let you know if they have stopped breathing. This could give you peace of mind or make you even more paranoid. 

" sids grunting"- Okay, this one is very interesting. Yes, Toby was a grunter. So was Sam. Iris is not. All three had acid reflux although I think Sam's was the worse. He and Toby would grunt so loudly that it sounded like screaming. I have no idea how they got any sleep and, to be honest, Sam was more than a year old before he slept through the night in the traditional sense. Obviously, Sam survived infancy. I do not know if there is a link between SIDS and acid reflux. So far I have not come across any studies. I will say, though, that when I discovered Toby my first thought was that he had choked on his reflux and suffocated. It was that bad. 

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