Saturday, February 25, 2012

Making it about them

One of my fellow SIDS bloggers has had a lot of trouble on their blog, not unlike the trouble I have experienced. I hope she doesn't mind, but I have stolen a comment someone wrote her. Yay for this person. Here is the comment...

"Hey YOU! here is what you need to know and understand: when someone is grieving for the loss of their child and write about it, you do not get the upper right or permission to add more pain and suffering to their most than difficult journey! You are not allowed nore have the power to distroy their lives more than it already is! On top of that you do it behind a screen or a phone! You stab in the back! 
Reader!!!!! This blog is not about YOU! YOU are not the subject of every entry! STOP thinking you are so important that Abigail Leviss would write about YOU!
Let me remind you that: it is about MAXIE! His life! His parents! SIDS! Abby's grief and her journey along this horrible road!
You are not thanked for making her life even more hurtful than it already is. But you will be by never reading this blog again and by leaving her ALONE!!!!
And if you chose to keep on reading... Just try for once to put yourself into ABBY's shoes.... Just for one entry.... Try to feel her words and make them yours....
That's it.... Painfull hugh??? So stay the F*** away from her and let Maxie's memory be filled with tenderness and love!
Thank you!"

I thank that person who wrote the comment. I am personally mad as hell that so many people watched my every move, read into everything I wrote, and made my grief so much about them. That's right, you know who you are. Ignorant, shallow-minded, immature, self-centered, brats that you are. You took MY loss and made it about YOU. You sat back and watched me and used my words and feelings to justify a dislike of me that you already had. When we were feeling at our worst you used that opportunity to stomp on us to feed some kind of self-righteous, heinous, ego. That is NOT okay. I am not a religious person, but someday you will have to answer to that. And I hope you can come up with a damn good excuse for it. 

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Maxie's Mommy said...

No matter what the grievance anyone has with a grieving parent, to attack them about what they communicate regarding their feelings around the loss of their child is below the belt. It just isn't right.