Monday, March 5, 2012

Goodbye Old Friend

Photo story: West Liberty, Kentucky virtually destroyed by storm

For the second time in one week my hometown was hit with tornadoes. It did a lot of damage the first time but the second time left it totally devastated. Main Street is gone. Goodbye to the movie theater I spent my childhood visiting. I watched many a film there that was totally not age appropriate: BEETLEJUICE, POLICE ACADEMY, FLOWERS IN THE ATTIC, THREE MEN AND A BABY, BEACHES...and later THE FLINTSONES and HARRY POTTER. Goodbye to the bank where I was always smiled at and treated nicely. Goodbye to the court house that my grandmother drug her 6 children to everyday during the murder trial of her husband. Goodbye to the most of the hospital where my nana died at. Goodbye the funeral home where my grandma Stella had her visitation. Goodbye to the old pool hall. Goodbye to the park that Sam played in and Iris rolled around in. Goodbye to the houses on River Road. Goodbye to the Dollar Store where I bought Sam's diapers, wipes, and medicine.

Goodbye to a huge chunk of my childhood.

We are okay. The three tornadoes that came through Friday didn't hurt us physically. The kids and I made a fort in the bedroom and hunkered down.

But my hometown is gone. They are still pulling people out of the rubble. For hours, I couldn't get ahold of Dad. I had no idea if he was okay and the National Guard wasn't letting anyone through. He's fine. He called me the next day.

What a stinky way to spend your birthday.

I have since learned that Meniffee County was hit hard, too. Our favorite park, Broke Leg Falls, was hit. The road that Toby is buried on was hit. I don't know about his grave. I don't think I can handle anymore bad news. 

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