Monday, April 30, 2012


To prove the point of my last post, someone told me in an online support group today that they were no longer going to read my "whining" posts. This was in reference to a post in which I talked about Toby dying.

It's a support group-aren't we all there to whine a little?

A few of the members were upset on my behalf and sent me messages about it but only two publicly took up for me. The weird thing was that the post wasn't even whiny. No idea where that came from. Plus, the person who wrote it had never had any interaction with me before. They joined a year ago, made a few posts in the beginning, and then didn't show back up again in the group until yesterday. Considering yesterday was the first time I'd posted in awhile I don't really think they'd had time to get tired of me yet.

Like I said, sometimes the support groups are helpful, sometimes they're not. 

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