Friday, June 1, 2012

day 4

Here is a picture of my scar on Day 4. You can see, too that one my fellow SIDS moms sent me some flowers to the hospital. I think that is incredibly sweet and I was so excited. In my guilt, Iris got a dollhouse to play with at the hotel.

So far okay. They've done some nerve damage to my head where the clamps were to hold it in place and tha tmight never go away but I don't mind. Maybe that means I can finally wear a frenchbraid or at least brush my hair without it hurting! :-)

flowers from lukegrantsmom

Iris' guilt dollhouse from me to play with in the hotel 

scar on day 4
The real complications don't start taking effect until on down the road so this is actually the good part of the recovery process. So far so good, just tired. And kind of doped up as you can tell by the writing.


Susan said...

Well done for blogging at all. That scar is a beauty. Wishing you a swift recovery.

How lovely to see Iris too - wow - lots of hair. X x

Rebecca said...

hee hee yeah, Iris has definitely got the hair going for her! Today has been a little on the rough side. I spent a lot of it in bed. My mobility in my neck is great though and so far the only permament damage we see is where they damaged some nerves on the top of my head. I think I already said that? Can't be bothered to look and see! :-)

I get to go home-home and away from the hotel tomorrow. Looking forward to being back in my bed. The babies left this morning and I miss them so much. Having them here and close to me has helped the recovery more than anything I think.

Maxie's Mommy said...

You sound good and obviously alert enough to be reading and writing and commenting. I am so glad. The scar is amazing. Feel good soon Rebecca.