Saturday, June 9, 2012

Message from Anne Rice

I know it might sound silly, but I think about Anne Rice a lot. She lost her daughter when she was young (4 or 5?) and has put a lot of her emotions surrounding her loss into her books. Later, she lost her husband. I think about her being a celebrity, surrounded by people, but still having that grief and probably feeling just as lost as the rest of us.

Taking a chance, I sent her a message on Bereaved Mother's Day. To my surprise, she responded.

We all deal with our grief differently but it's hard to think of these larger-than-life people having sorrow, pain, and sadness like we do. I really was thinking of her on that day. It's funny how you can feel bonded to people you don't even know. 


Susan said...

Oh - that makes sense. I kept thinking about the mother who wanted Claudia - a child who could not die - in the Interview with a Vampire novel. The irony that almost immediately, she does too.

I love Anne Rice too.

Have been thinking about you, and hope the days are passing gently with no further complication. My mother in law had a small stroke on Friday, and we are down to see her and seprated from my internet :(

Rebecca said...

From what I understand, the character of Claudia was based on her daughter and her ultimate decision to have her die was one of her ways of working through her real-life death. In THE WITCHING HOUR (that's my favorite series of hers) she writes about Michael's agoraphobia and aftermath of his accident as a way of dealing with her ow grief. I recently went back and read some of those pages over again and I can definitely see that now.

I really love her. I think she's a lovely person.

I'm sorry about your MIL. :-( Hope things get better soon.