Sunday, October 21, 2012

My Visit to the Psychic

Pete's "elderly" mother
I suppose I should cross-reference my two blogs since Toby was obviously brought up during the reading. (Though he wasn't the central figure of it.) At any rate, I went to Court Day (think gigantic flea market for all you non-Kentucky people) and I had a reading done by a woman wearing a claddagh ring, pentagram necklace, and what I can only assume was a Chanel No. 5 body lacquer. Here is what followed...

I am highly skeptic of psychics and mediums. At least, I am high;y skeptic of those who claim to be. I've known quite a few people that probably were psychic and had no idea that they were. Unless I get a great review of one (like Abby's medium) or they tell me something that NOBODY else would know about me (and, let's face it, my life is an open book) than I take everything with a grain of salt. This probably works against me because it means that I am a terrible read.


We started off by having me shuffle cards, a talent I do not possess. I am like a toddler trying to crochet when it comes to shuffling. Then, she told me to pick 20 cards and that I would KNOW which ones to pick. So, I fanned them out, closed my eyes, and waited for my fingers to guide me.

I got nothing.

So, I tried envisioning the things that I had questions about, visualize my questions, and try again.

Nope. Still nothing.

In the end, I just picked out 20 random cards and hoped for the best.

The first thing she asked me was if my husband and I were fighting about money. Um, nope? She was like a dog with a bone over this issue, though. "I can see there have been some disagreements. Does he make you account for every dollar you spend?" I almost snorted out my coke over that one. Pete later said that it sounded like a pretty good idea.

For the next 5 minutes, she continued to persist that our disagreements over money was causing friction in our marriage. Which, okay, I could see where that might happen to someone. But in the years that we have been together we have lived in two different countries, traveled to 4 different countries, had 3 kids, lost one child, and moved 5 times but not once have we EVER argued about money.

Moving on...

Her next question was even more amusing: Who is the man that you had a disagreement with? Oh, gee, that ought to narrow it down, lady. "No," she said. "This is a younger man. He is your brother." I shook my head. "He felt like a brother." I shrugged. "You got into a fight. I see water involved. He left abruptly and his departure has had a major impact on your life."

Okay, there was a man in my life who left abruptly and it did cause a huge impact in my life. But that was 13 years ago. I made peace with it a long, long time ago. And it didn't involve water. And he wasn't younger than me. So maybe she was talking about Toby? (Although the only disagreement we ever had was when I thought he should take a nap and he didn't.)

"How much younger is he?" I asked.

"Oh, anywhere from 2 to 10 years," she responded.

Well, that left out Toby.

I told her, then, that I had lost a child. She seemed unimpressed. Moving on along again.

"You're trying to make a big decision." I nodded. "I can see that maybe you will be moving this winter. Maybe to someplace that you can afford better?" There she went again with that money thing. I told her that I wasn't sure the house we were under contract on was for us, considering the problems we've had getting it. "Oh, I see the problem. Your husband wants to move and leave the area but you don't."

Umm...Pete would be perfectly happy to hang around here. I'm the one that wants to leave.

"You are very close to all of your family here but he is thinking of leaving first and sending for you and the kids when he gets settled." Again, I had to snort. Most of my family live in Texas and Indiana. And Pete "sending" for us? Please. I can barely get him to go to the grocery store alone. (No offense, dear.)

As you can see, this wasn't very convincing to me. So, we moved on along again.

This time, I just went ahead and told her that Pete's mom had passed away. "Yes, I can see her," she said. "And don't worry, she's taking care of your little boy." I must have look confused.

"Really?" I asked. "Really?" (Most everyone knows that this is not the kind of afterlife I believe in.)

"Oh yes, I can see him with an elderly woman." Okay, Pete's Mom was like, 50, when she died and didn't look a day over 40. She was very young looking.

So, then I asked her what I really wanted to know: Are we attached to some negative spirit or energy? Well, she couldn't answer that, but she did tell me to burn a lot of sage and take a shower whenever we came in. In fact, she said that ALL of us needed to take a shower whenever we came inside. I am not sure if she meant together or not.

"If you're worried, then you can pray to the Archangel Michael, " she said helpfully. "You see angels don't you? Or, at least, you did when you were younger."

"I don't know. I never thought they were angels," I answered. "I don't really believe in them."

"You don't!?" This seemed to get her excited. "Why!?"

"Well, not in the Christian sense anyway." I didn't figure that this was the time to give her a lesson in theology and explain that angels, like demons, were never people but a whole different species and that they could care less what happened to humans as long as it was the will of God...

"Oh, of course not," she waved her hands dismissively. "But just pray to Michael and he will..."

I have no idea what she said. I tuned her out.

The last thing I asked her was why I was unable to get any sense of Toby, when I can tune in to just about anyone else. She said she didn't know, that maybe it was because I was too close to the situation. But she didn't offer any special messages from him.

In the end, she told me that I needed to take some time to myself and try to figure out what decisions would lead me TO my destiny and which ones would lead me AWAY from it. Of course, if I knew what my destiny was, that would make that a whole lot easier.

Before I left, she assured me that you never get over the loss of a child. No kidding. She then said that she still thinks about hers. Oh, well, that was unexpected. "What happened to your child?" I asked.

"He just couldn't stay attached to the placenta," she said.

And that was the end of that session.

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Maxie's Mommy said...

Hmmmmm. I've had a few like this. I don't even believe the ones that tell me things that ARE true that they ABSOLUTELY couldn't know at all. This one sounds like someone who isn't even a good guesser.