Thursday, June 27, 2013

Empty Arms Foundation

I am excited to announce that when my book is released sometime in the next week or two I will be pairing with my friend Karla Roy and her Empty Arms Foundation.

Karla lost her son to SIDS and the Empty Arms Foundation support SIDS research. I met Karla online and was instantly impressed with her commitment to finding out WHY SIDS occurs and her support of learning more about the cause.

I have to say, except for supporting a local woman and her organization in the past (her SIDS organization does a lot of great things for the community) I have stayed away from supporting most organizations, mostly because I have had problems with their campaigns.  It's a personal thing but one of the reasons why I removed the "how to reduce the risk of SIDS" page from my blog.

Empty Arms, however, places a HUGE emphasis on research and offers a lot of support to the Boston Children's Hospital where Dr. Hannah Kinney is working wonders to ensure that this will not happen to future children.

On the Empty Arm's page you will soon be able to find a link that will allow you to purchase my book. Some of the proceeds from the sale will go towards the foundation and funding of more research.

To learn more, visit:

Empty Arms Foundation

From the website:


Empty Arms Foundation strives to achieve the following goals:
  • Raise funds to assist in the research conducted by Dr. Hannah Kinney at Children's Hospital Boston
  • Provide education about SIDS and separate fact from fiction
  • Raise awareness of SIDS in the community
  • Provide support to parents and family members grieving after the loss of a child
  • Host regular charity events

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