Monday, October 7, 2013

Facebook memes

I really hate some of the Facebook memes that people create. Some are funny, of course. I re-post a lot of them myself. But some of the overly sentimental or religious or political ones really get my goat.

I don't think I'm an overly sensitive person. At least not anymore. I belong to a couple of grief groups and sometimes people post things in there and I think, man, I'm glad I'm not in those early-early stages of grief anymore. Walking around with your heart outside of your body just feels awful. I feel for those folks because I remember what it's like.

But then something will cross my path and it's like-WHAM.

The other day one such meme went my way and it didn't hurt me, it pissed me off.

It read:

"Don't forget to pray to God today because he didn't forget to wake you up this morning."

Well, excuse me, but...fuck that.

So I guess my son died because some almighty being just accidentally "forgot" to wake him up? Like a little "whoopsie?"

I wanted to say something to the person who posted it, but I didn't. Okay, actually I did. I just commented and said, "Wow."

I joined an atheist support group last year, not because I am one but because I prefer talking about my grief in a non-religious context.  (I do believe in a higher power, I just don't like talking about my grief in that kind of context with others.) Within that group, some of the members get angry when people in their newsfeed post memes that say things like:

"God has been watching you and He knows you're struggling. Close your eyes and think of the one thing you want most. Think about this for ten seconds and then open your eyes. Share this picture and within 24 hours you'll have what your heart most desires."

Yes, because within 24 hours we're going to have our dead children back.

It's basically Facebook's version of the chain letter. Perfectly harmless, of course, but still. And, if there is a God, does he really care about what images we share or "like"?

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