Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Promotional Event with Empty Arms

For the next two months I am running a promotional event with my book, Coping with Grief: the Anti-Guide to Infant Loss.

As of now, there is NO CURE FOR SIDS

We can, however, support research

In honor of Infant Loss Awareness Month, for the months of October and November for every copy of Coping with Grief: the Anti-guide to Infant Loss that is sold I will be donating $5 to the Empty Arms Foundation. The Empty Arms Foundation supports SIDS research and Dr. Hannah Kinney, one of the world’s leading SIDS researchers, at Boston Children’s Hospital. It is a nonprofit organization.

During those two months, I will not be earning any royalties from the book. All of the money will be going straight to research. Although there isn’t a cure yet, with research, we get a little closer every day.

Buying the book is easy. When you click on the link from my website you can sign in with your Amazon account and be order the book using the payment option you have stored on Amazon. You can also visit Amazon’s website and order the book from there as well.

If you’d rather order by check then fill out the contact form on my site. You can also donate directly to the organization.

Every little bit helps. 

Your purchase is tax deductible!

You can find more information the link to the book and to Empty Arms on my website at:


Susan said...

Amazing achievement to get such an important book published Rebecca - I hope you raise zillions for SIDS research too x

ChelseaRene said...

What if they had the answers already and hid it from you because it would mean thousands upon thousands of lawsuits? Take a look at this “scientific proof” and tell me why his research was ignored for all these years when it could have saved thousands of kids and suffering family members. This isn't the latest greatest scientific “theory” this is in your face, undeniable fact that this is the main cause of the cases of SIDS we see today. Learn, share and save from now on.

Rebecca Patrick-Howard said...

We in the SIDS community are very aware of the vaccine theory and I have written about it extensively on this blog. The fact is, however, more research is still necessary. My son did not die from vaccine related reasons. He had not yet had his immunizations-they were scheduled for the week that he passed away. Many other parents that I am friends with who also lost their children to SIDS before the 2 month mark (when infants normally get the dTap which is the vaccination in question) would also be exempt from this theory.

We can't rule anything out at this point but I'm also not going to be responsible for pushing any theories that may or may not hold up yet. I firmly stand behind Dr. Kinney and her research at the Boston Children's Hospital.