Friday, October 25, 2013

Sharing the month

Over the course of the past few weeks I've watched several of my friends really struggle as they've tried to hold fundraisers for their SIDS foundations and organizations. Some have been more successful than others.

What's frustrating is the fact that Infant Loss/SIDS Awareness Month just happens to fall during the same month as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I'm not knocking the awareness and money that's raised for breast cancer. I have close friends and family members who have fought breast cancer. But it's difficult to see sooo much attention brought to that cause and so little brought to infant loss and SIDS. For instance, many buildings are being turned pink in honor of breast cancer, without mentioning the fact that pink is also one of our colors as well.Even the White House got in on the act.

Wouldn't it be great if we also had a national spokesperson? If SIDS got the research money that breast cancer did? If there were more nationally organized walks and fundraisers? If there were commercials and posters and NOT just the ones that seemed to point the blame at parents for deaths that were not even sure the cause of?

Wouldn't it be nice if infant loss wasn't such a taboo subject? If, like breast cancer, it could be talked about openly without making people feel squeamish and we could mention facts and figures?

Infant loss ribbons are blue and pink. Yet there has been talk of also using blue and pink to signify male breast cancer ribbons, too.

I mean no disrespect towards breast cancer survivors or those facing breast cancer at present time. In fact, I don't want awareness decreased for those or funding cut for those. I don't want anything taken AWAY from breast cancer victims at ALL. What I want is awareness raised for US.

Last year I contacted three local newspapers and asked them if they'd be interested in doing a story about infant loss awareness month or even October 15th, Infant Loss Remembrance Day. Not one single paper replied. Several stories, however, were ran about breast cancer.

I'm happy to keep supporting my friends who are moving forward with their fundraisers, especially Karla Roy with Empty Arms. This is her below on a local talk show, talking about her foundation. See how young and pretty she looks? Maybe one day infant loss won't be such a taboo subject. We'll also be able to paint the town blue and pink.

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