Thursday, September 9, 2010

Another bad day

The day actually started out pretty good. I actually got a good night's sleep thanks to the Klonopin and woke up feeling refreshed. The night was pretty shitty though.

My husband lost his mother last weekend. Since she lived in England with the rest of the family it's difficult to get back. His dad lent him his credit card, with a $16,000 credit free on it, and told him to book the ticket. I talked him into taking our son who hasn't seen that side of the family in years.

When his dad found out about it, though, all hell broke loose. I'm talking total drama. I figured they didn't want me to come but they don't want my son (and my husband's mother's grandson) to come. They would have to rent another limo, they would have to get a car seat,e tc. etc. When his father came for Toby's funeral we didn't complain about picking him up from the airport, giving him a place to sleep, and having an extra mouth to feed. So I wrote about it on my other blog and now my brother-in-law (married to my husband's half sister) is writing on my FB page and going off on me, telling me to fuck off and all kind sof things. Wow. I lost my son 2 weeks ago, am on a ton of medicationa nd dealing with PTSD and depression, and my so-called family is giving me more grief. I need a good, long sleep.

I was looking forward to having a big family. I guess I was wrong.

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