Friday, September 10, 2010

Family, family, family (And Mom)

Again, my mother's comment deserves her own blog entry...Seriously, though, wou would get on my facebook page, nearly two weeks to the day that I bury my son and write something so nasty to me that it sends my husband to bed and makes my mother hide my bottles of pills so that I can't take them? Anyway, here's her response:

Brenda said:
Eric, yes you did drive 14 hours but it was made clear to me that you were coming to be with your father-in-law. However, when you got here your help was invaluable. Although nothing was expected of you, you went beyond the call of duty and picked up the slack for us as we were all in and still are in a fog. For that I am greatful. BUT should you and your wife ever find yourself standing by a small casket, I hope that you aren't told to shut the fuck up. Rebecca nor Pete nor I started this, David did. He was complaining about not seeing much of Sam but when he had the chance to spend time with him, he left 3 days early and went back to England. Yes, the excuse could be his wife was dying, but then you said she had been for 9 years. Also, did we think about the first time David saw Toby was in a casket? No we did not, what we did think about was how Alison told me two different times that she wanted to come HERE to see Toby, Sam, Pete, Rebecca but David wouldn't give up the cruise. There have been some hurtful things said back and forth but let's put the blame where it belongs in England with David.You know this because I read between the lines.. To many doors are being slammed shut, let's not close another one. Now, I just want to morn the loss of my grandchild, with all this drama I can't think straight. I am sorry that Alison died, but Toby died too, we just want peace so that we can morn our loss. We all are going through the daily motions of life, but some days we can't remember the day before nor think about the next. Your family is sharp with words in telling people how you feel, Rebecca's is writing it, Pete's is saying nothing. So who is right? or Wrong? in their way of expressing hurt and anger. Actually, it's not a good idea to unleah my anger.So,for now I will quote you and say "shut the fuck up" and try to get some sleep.

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