Sunday, April 22, 2012

Right in the front yard

Well, not right in the front yard, but less than a mile...

On Friday morning there were sirens in front of the house. There are a lot of wrecks on our road. It's not a curvy one but people fly on it. Apparently,  someone tried to pass someone and hit someone else head on. The car they hit had a family in it. I ended up knowing the family. I used to work with the grandmother. She was my office mate. I helped her plan a vacation and when I graduated from college she coordinated my surprise office graduation party. The 3 year old and father were killed on the scene. The 10 month old and mother were taken to the hospital are in ICU.

Traffic was backed up in front of our house for hours. The image of the little car seat and the wreckage is something that I cannot get out of my mind. The grandmother is a Facebook friend of mine. The 10 month old is a month older than Iris. He is doing better today and got to eat. The mother is in a lot of pain. They have a 6 year old, too, but he was in school at the time. That was half a family wiped out-not because they did anything wrong-just because they were driving down the road. The people in the other vehicle are okay.


Maxie's Mommy said...

For some reason, it never ceases to fell shocking to learn of someone else's tragic loss. I am so sorry for this family.

Rebecca said...

I know it, dude. :-( The little one got released from the hospital today. She wrote on FB that they wheeled him down the hallway in one of the pediatric wagons to visit his mom and that made me cry. She's still in there and is finished with her surgeries.

It's so sad. Everything just hits so much harder now than it used to.